I like to make stuff.

Crafting, sewing, building, brewing, pickling, growing, fermenting, knitting, repurposing, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

T-Shirt Mods

Giving t-shirts more personality and better fit


I love to make whimsical baby quilts

Quirky Things

Holiday decor and household stuff


Bags, wine lanyards, and mug holders

a little more about Jenn

My superhero name would be Prototype.

I’m the person my friends hit up if they want to create something and they don’t know where to start.

I prefer to use recycled materials for my projects.

I’ve been a Creative Reuse volunteer at SCRAP Portland since 2009.

I’ve competed twice in Portland’s Rebel Craft Rumble.

I hosted a Mod That Shirt panel discussion at Rose City Comic Con.

If I make a quilt for your newborn, it means I really love you.

No, I’m not going to start an online craft shop, but I do accept custom commissions.

I’m the odd one?

I’ve been threatened by a Storm Trooper for knitting in a Star Wars premiere queue.

I celebrate my mistakes

My garden planters earned a spot in CraftFail — The Book!

I’m a costume helper

I help people make their costume dreams come true.